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Biography Wikipedia: Who Is Adekunle Olopade BBNaija?

Adekunle Olopade aka Adekunle BBN whose real name is Adekunle Tobilola Olopade (born 6 October 1994) is a Nigerian Digital Marketing Consultant, Businessman who became famous as Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2022 Season 7 ‘Level Up’ housemate.

Adekunle is the 17th BBNaija Season 7 housemate. His real name is Adekunle Olopade while his full name is Adekunle Tobilola Olopade. He hails from Lagos State, Nigeria and he is Yoruba by tribe from the South West part of Nigeria.

Adekunle Olopade BBN is one of the most handsome Big Brother Naija season 7 housemates with a good height, sexy deep voice and dark skinned.

Adekunle Olopade BBnaija also known as Elder Statesman is a Lagos Island big boy who is a little bit calm and at the same time a handful. Adekunle Olopade was a lifestyle Blogger and writer but he later founded the Adire Nation – a business that deals on local Yoruba cultural fabrics.

As an entrepreneur, Adekunle Olopade Big Brother was interviewed by “The Entrepreneur Africa” in 2018.

He also has interest in Politics and Humanitarian services.

A Twitter user, Funmilayo Omoloja @funmology summarizes Adekunle BBnaija personality:

Adekunle The Brainbox 

Adekunle The Politician

Adekunle The Talented one

Adekunle The Businessman 

Adekunle The Humanitarian

Adekunle The Husband Material

Adekunle The Teacher

Adekunle The Good Friend

Adekunle The Leader

All of this will play out soon 🤫



Photos of Adekunle Olopade

Pictures of Adekunle Olopade – Bbn season 7 housemate

Adekunle Tobilola Olopade: Adekunle BBNaija Profile Bio Data Facts, Wiki

Stage Name: Adekunle BBN (BBnaija)

Nickname: Elder Statesman

Full Name: Adekunle Tobilola Olopade

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Lagos State

Hometown: Lagos

Tribe: Yoruba

Religion: Christian

Height: 6″3 Feet tall

Date Of Birth: 6 October 1994

Age: 28 Years Old (2022)

Place Of Birth: Lagos

Occupation: Businessman, Digital Marketing Consultant, Reality TV Star

Net Worth: $130,000 US Dollars (₦84,500,000 Million Naira)

Relationship, Marital Status: Single

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Parents: Mr and Mrs Olopade

Mother: Bolanle Ojo

Instagram: @adekunleolopade_

Education: Redeemers University (Accountancy)

Adekunle Olopade Educational Background

Adekunle Olopade attended King’s College Lagos. After obtaining his First School Leaving Certificate and SSCE certificate, Adekunle Olopade proceeded to Redeemers University where graduated with a degree in Accountancy in the year 2014.

Adekunle BBNaija Real Name: Adekunle BBN real name is Adekunle Olopade while his full name is Adekunle Tobilola Olopade.

Childhood Throwback Photo Of Adekunle Olopade

About Profile Of Adekunle BBN 2022 Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Season 7 ‘Level Up’ Housemate & Contestant


Full Name: Adekunle Tobilola Olopade Adekunle BBN is a 27-year-old digital marketing consultant from Lagos. He considers himself “a self-actualised introvert” who takes pride in being a giver that solves other people’s problems. 

When he’s not dreaming of creating a better life for himself and figuring out ways to make the world a better place, you’ll find Adekunle playing games on his phone or watching his favourite show, Family Guy, on YouTube. 

Although peace-making is one of his strengths, Adekunle is not afraid to step up and face challenges head-on should the need arise. Are there any habits that may annoy his fellow Housemates? “The fact that I’m always right; and by the way, I never say anything I don’t know, could be considered annoying. Also, I learned recently that I use a lot of big grammar when I speak,” he says with a chuckle. Adekunle hopes to win this season of Big Brother Naija so he can help his mother pay off her mortgage, loans and debt.

Adekunle Diary Session: Adekunle sent his audition video while he was on traffic, frustrated. He’s still in awe he got in.

He says being on the show has taught him to not doubt himself again.

He thinks his fellow HMs are amazing people. 

On the level 2 HMs, he says he didn’t have much room to interact with all of them, but he thought they were very energetic people. 3 of them made it into the last 5.

On his chances of winning: he feels it is too soon to tell, bcos so far everything that has happened has happened in ways he didn’t plan. Maybe after a month, he can answer that question more appropriately.

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He has nothing more to ask or tell Biggie.

He leaves the diary.

Adekunle Olopade Nollywood Movies Calling: After Performing excellently in the first two Biggie’s BBnaija task, fans already think that Adekunle Olopade will make a good actor.

Adekunle Olopade Voice: Adekunle Bbn has a fine deep voice which sounds like that of Biggie Big Brother. Adekunle’s voice has gotten him More BBnaija fans.

Adekunle Olopade State Of Origin, Home Town, Village? Where is Adekunle BBN from? Adekunle Olopade BBN is from Lagos State, Nigeria. He hails from the South West part of Nigeria.

Tribe: Adekunle Olopade is Yoruba by tribe.

Date Of Birth, Birthday: When was Adekunle Olopade BBnaija born? Adekunle Olopade was born on 6th October 1994.

Adekunle Olopade Real Age: How old is Adekunle Bbn? Adekunle Olopade is 28 years old as at 2022. He turns 28th in October 2022.

Old Throwback Pictures Of Adekunle Olopade BBnaija

Adekunle Olopade Height: How tall is Adekunle BBnaija? Adekunle Olopade BBN is 6″3 Feet tall.

Adekunle Olopade Religion: Is Adekunle Olopade a Muslim or Christian? Adekunle Olopade is a Christian. He attends Pastor Adeboye’s RCCG church and also attended Redeemed Church university.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Sister, Brother: Adekunle Olopade was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Olopade. But his parents were first Separated and later divorced. Adekunle has a brother.

Adekunle Olopade father is Mr Olopade while his mother is Bolanle Ojo. They are both Yoruba. If Adekunle wins the BBnaija season 7, he would like to use the money to help his mother pay off her mortgage, loans and debts.

Adekunle Bbn told his fellow BBnaija housemates the story about how close his parents were before they got separated.

Adekunle Olopade’s parents got divorced in 2018 and till now, he hasn’t gotten over it yet.

Picture of Adekunle Olopade and his mother and sibling brother

Adekunle Olopade and his mother

Photo of Adekunle Olopade and his brother

Picture of Adekunle Olopade mother

Photo of Adekunle Olopade Parents

Adekunle Olopade Married, Marriage: Is Adekunle Olopade married? No! Adekunle Olopade BBnaija is not yet married. He is single.

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Adekunle Olopade Wife: Who is Adekunle Olopade wife? Adekunle Olopade does not have a wife yet. He is single and ready to mingle.

Adekunle Olopade Girlfriend, Relationship, Dating: Who is Adekunle Olopade BBN Girlfriend, Name, Pictures? Adekunle Olopade is not in a relationship for now. But he is close friends with Allysyn.

Pictures of Adekunle Olopade and his Bbn friend, Allysyn

Adekunle Olopade And Allysyn Audu BBN Relationship

Adekunle Olopade and Allysyn are quite close and BBnaija shippers think they will make a good couple and start dating.

Lady professes Love For Adekunle Olopade (BBnaija Housemate)

A Facebook user, Amusa Islamiat wants to marry BBN star, Adekunle Olopade. Read her love Letter.

I thought I would never fall in love again till I saw you walk into BBN, Adekunle Olopade mi. 

I have decided to choose you over everybody for some reasons, which are the fact that You make Adire (He owns Adire Nation), you are also ADE and my Fav. Daddy’s namesake.

I checked your business page and realized that the Adire pictures I started with as samples were from your page and you made them.

Agun to Aso lo, Oko mi🥰

I’m ready to start this journey with you till the end, baby.

Love From your new Lover, Adebimpe.

Adekunle Olopade Children, Child: Adekunle Olopade does not have a child yet.

Adekunle Olopade Net Worth: Adekunle Olopade BBN Net Worth is about $130,000 US Dollars estimated at about ₦84,500,000 Million Naira.

Adekunle Olopade House and Cars: Adekunle Olopade lives in Lagos Island and drives nice car of his own.

Picture of Adekunle Olopade car

Adekunle Big Brother BBN Instagram Page Handle

Adekunle Olopade Instagram BBNaija Instagram handle.

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