Best No-Exam Life Insurance 2023 | Costs & Insurance Rates

If lengthy application times and inconvenient medical exams are causing you to waste time buying life insurance, Best No-Exam Life insurance should be the best option for you.

Since no-exam insurance enables you to skip the traditional life insurance medical exam, it’s often fast and convenient to process. We analyzed no-exam policies based on cost and benefits to assist in finding the best no-exam life insurance.

See the following section of this article, and find out more about the No-exam life insurance policy, and the best companies suitable for offering no-exam life insurance policies.

Best No-Exam Life Insurance Companies 2023

Amongst these No-exam life insurance companies 2023: Brighthouse, Legal & General America, and Pacific Life top our list of the best no-exam life insurance companies.

Next, let’s find out what No-Exam Life Insurance is, its types, the cost of life insurance without a medical exam, its rates, and how to choose the Best No-Exam Life Insurance that’s suitable for you.

What is No-Exam Life Insurance?

As the name implies, No-exam life insurance is life insurance that does not need a life insurance medical exam to get insurance coverage.

The basic medical exams needed by life insurance policies include a series of questions that are related to your health and medical history.

Including a paramedical professional recording information like your blood pressure, weight, and height. Also, you’ll be asked to provide your blood and urine specimens for testing. Based on your age and health, you may need to do some additional testing like an electrocardiogram (EKG).

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Just like the policies we’ve rated above, they are best suitable for life insurance buyers who are in excellent health and who are younger. So, if your health or age disqualifies you from a no-exam policy, that does not necessarily mean the company will turn you away.

Rather, the company might offer to do a more traditional underwriting process with a life insurance medical exam.

Therefore, if you apply for no-exam life insurance, you should be well prepared for what lies in store, because the company could end up wanting more details and an exam.

See the the Best No-Exam Life insurance types in the following section, with the types, you will know which no-exam life insurance policy is suitable for you.

Types of No-Exam Life Insurance

No-exam life insurance has about 4 types of life insurance that you should know about in order to make appropriate choices.

No-Exam Term

Some term life policies are no-exam policies. Term life insurance policies have a level term period during which rates stay the same. Choices of term period lengths specifically range from 5 to 30 years. After the level term ends, you can also renew yearly at an increased rate.

No-Exam Whole

Some insurers provide whole life insurance without medical exams. Whole life insurance seems to be a type of permanent life insurance.

Meanwhile, policies build cash value at a fixed rate and offer level premiums and a fixed death benefit. Whole life insurance is also one of the more expensive types of life insurance, and policies offered without medical exams are generally more expensive.

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For instance, guaranteed issue life insurance policies are whole life insurance policies without a medical exam, and they won’t turn you down.

No-Exam Universal

Universal life insurance offers a no-exam option sometimes. Universal Life seems to be a type of permanent insurance that has flexible premiums and death benefits.

No-Exam Group

Group life insurance needs no medical exam. It is a contract where an employer owns a life insurance policy that offers coverage to its employees, normally at no cost to the employee for a simple coverage amount.

See the next section, and find out the types of Best No-Exam Life Insurance Underwriting…

Types of No-Exam Life Insurance Underwriting

Underwriting seems to be the process an insurance company uses to review their applications and decide who to approve, and at what rate for the buyer.

Some types of underwriting are fast because they make use of less information concerning the applicant, or they receive information automatically via third-party sources. These types of No-Exam life insurance underwriting include:

  • Accelerated Underwriting Life Insurance
  • Simplified Issue Life Insurance
  • Guaranteed issue life insurance

See the following, and find out how much is life insurance without a medical exam, including their rates.

How Much is Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam

We evaluated no-exam life insurance costs for buyers ages 30, 40, and 50 who are in excellent health.

Average No-Exam Life Insurance Rates by Age

20-year, $500,000 policy Cost per year
Male age 30 $275
Male age 40 $426
Male age 50 $1,032
Female age 30 $231
Female age 40 $280
Female age 50 $642
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No-Exam Life Insurance Rates by Company

Life insurance company Cost per year for a male age 30 for a 20-year, $500,000 policy Cost per year for a female age 30 for a 20-year, $500,000 policy
Brighthouse Financial $220 $185
Legal & General America – Banner Life $222 $187
Pacific Life $224 $189
Transamerica (Trendsetter Super policy) $225 $190
Prudential $300 $255
Foresters Financial $250 $225
Haven Life (Haven Term) $242 $209
Ethos $252 $201
Ladder $288 $252
Transamerica (Trendsetter Living Benefits) $290 $240
Haven Life (Haven Simple) $351 $241


There are many factors that affect life insurance rates, and these factors include age, gender, health, and if you’re or you’re not a smoker. Also, cost depends on the type of underwriting used.

How to Find the No-Exam Life Insurance

  • Calculate how much life insurance you need
  • Access your chances before you apply
  • Look beyond the cost
  • Be truthful while applying 
  • Have a plan in case of rejection

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