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Pictures & History About OGB Recent( Cultist Boy) Biography, Age, Birthday, Pictures, Net Worth, House, Cars, State of Origin, Tribe, Net Worth, Family, Parents, Siblings, Girlfriend, Married, Education, Height, Comedy Skit, Photos, Instagram Pics

Who Is OGB Recent?

OGB Recent aka Cultist Boy is a Nigerian Comedian whose real name is Michael Charles. He was born on 2nd September 1997.

Ogb Recent is a Comedian, Content creator, Musician and an Actor. His net worth is about $150,000 US dollars. OGB Recent net worth in Naira is estimated at about ₦90,000,000. 

He is from Ebonyi State Nigeria. He was born into a humble family.

OGB Recent is of Igbo tribe from the South East part of Nigeria. He is not yet married but has a girlfriend he is sleeping with.

OGB Recent Photo

OGB Recent Profile Bio Data

Stage Name: OGB Recent

Nickname: Cultist Boy, U won collect

Real Name: Michael Charles

Nationality Country: Nigerian

State of Origin: Ebonyi State

Tribe: Igbo

Place of Birth: Kogi State

Date of Birth: 2nd September 1997

Birthday: 2nd of September

Age: 25 years old (as at 2022)

Gender: Male

Height: 6″0 feet tall

Occupation: Comedian, Content Creator and Musician

Net Worth: $150,000 US dollars

Parents: Mr & Mrs Charles

Marital status: Single

Relationship: In relationship

Religion: Christianity

Education: Primary and Secondary school at Renowned Public Owned institutions.

Tattoo: None

Instagram handle: @ogb-recent

Twitter handle:@Ogb-Recent

Facebook handle:OGB Recent

YouTube- Real OGB Recent

Full Biography of OGB Recent (Cultist Boy)

OGB Recent Claim To Fame

Ogb recent came into the Limelight in the year 2021. He sounds and act like the famous brain Jotter in almost all his comedy Skits but his style is unique. 

OGB Recent became popular on for using Cultist Slangs and Questions (U won Collect, anybody Wey collect this week go soon collect), Abi You Wan Collect Which is often said by hoodlums or cult groups when they are about to loot or forcefully take something from someone. 

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The Viral video that made OGB Recent rise to stardom was the one he entered Okada (bike) and threatened to beat up the cyclist if he dared ask him of Money after he came down from the machine.

OGB Recent pursuit his dreams of becoming a celeb after taking WAEC on 2013, he started attending auditions which yield no fruit after many years, he started creating funny jokes with things around him. He wanted to drop halfway but a friend of his advised him to continue.

On December 2021, Fortune met Ogb Recent after a comedy skit of how he wanted to beat the okada rider and since then, Ogb Recent Comedy Skit have gone viral. The first video he did was the one he refused to pay Okada cyclist.

OGB Recent Real Name
: OGB Recent real name is Michael Charles.

Nicknames: OGB Recent adopted some stage names like; U won collect, Cultist Boy, Ogb Recent and Cultist Should Be Stopped and he has been reigning with it.

State of Origin: Which State is OGB Recent from? OGB Recent is from Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

Tribe: Ogb Recent tribe is Igbo by tribe.

Ogb Recent Ebonyi?: Yes, OGB Recent is from Ebonyi, South East part of the country.

Ogb Recent Date of Birth, Birthday & Age: Ogb Recent was born on 2nd September 1997 in Warri Delta State Nigeria.

Real Age: Ogb Recent is currently 24 years old and he will celebrate his 25th years old on 2nd September 2022.

Ogb Recent Family, Parents, Siblings, Girlfriend, Marriage, & Wife

Parents: Ogb Recent parents are Mr & Mrs Charles from Ebonyi State Nigeria.

Photo of OGB Recent and His Mother

Siblings: Ogb Recent is not the only child, he has siblings brothers and sisters.

Girlfriend: OGB Recent is rumored to be in a relationship with Mandy Kiss whom he uses for his comedy Skits.

OGB Recent Girlfriend Photo

Marriage: Is Ogb Recent married? No! OGB Recent is not married. He is single.

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Wife: Ogb Recent is not married yet and has not revealed who he is planning to get married to.

Ogb Recent Height, Hairstyle, Net Worth, House & Cars.

Height: Ogb Recent is a slim healthy young man whose height is about 6″ feet tall.

Skin Color: Ogb Recent is dark in skin complexion and he is not bleaching.

Hair Style: Ogb Recent carries two different haircut; Low haircut and 3 step afro haircut, black and neat. He wears blond hair too.

Ogb Recent Net Worth 2022, 2021: Ogb Recent net is about $150,000 US dollars as at 2022. His net worth in Naira is estimated at ₦90,000,000.

Ogb Recent House: Ogb Recent lives in a nice house.

Ogb Recent Car: Ogb Recent has a Mercedes Benz.

Ogb Recent Yahoo: Is Ogb Recent a Yahoo boy? Ogb recent is not a Yahoo Boy. Although OGB Recent is a Computer science student, but for the fact that he’s becoming popular and making good money in his account at his 20″s age doesn’t in anywhere mean that Ogb recent is one of the Yahoo Boys. He is only using his talent to bring smiles and joy to another.

Ogb Recent Music: The Instagram comic and comedian has finally released a melodious song track to show his music skills with collaboration of Ayomidat as his first song title is ” You Wan Collect”. This incredible Melody will surely get you hooked in no time at all.

Ogb Recent woto woto: This is one of the slangs Ogb uses to parade. In his comedy, he uses it to make his video balance, like; ” Abi u wan collect woto woto” , ” I go beat u woto woto”, ” u go collect woto woto”, ” u won collect woto woto” etc. He also used it in his songs.

Ogb Recent Lifestyle, Education, Career & Occupation

Lifestyle: OGB Recent focuses on how to make more comedy shows especially now that he is a celeb and have stardom on his career.He is creative, hardworking, talented, and only focus on his career, having just stormed the industry in 2021 and still has a lot to offer than to fall in love. He hopes to get married someday when the right time and right person comes.

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Education: OGB Recent completed his primary and secondary educational level and stepped out on how to achieve his dreams of becoming a star. OGB Recent is studying Computer Science in tertiary institution.

Ogb Recent Cultist: Is Ogb Recent a Cultist? Well, not too sure! About being cultist, we can’t say for sure that he is a Cultist although due to his comedy slangs, he is assumed to be a Cultist. But its all about creativity because, if he is really a Cultist, he won’t be exposing himself, talk more of using their slangs anyhow. When the comedian releases his new video skits on Instagram, he always includes a caption written, “Say No To Cultism” , even on his Instagram profile details.

Ogb Recent MP3 Download: Comedian Ogb Recent (Michael) decided to show off his microphone skill on a brand new song titled “Abi You Won Collect”, a sensational single which shows Cultists way of Life. 

Its lyrics reads; i Dey Talk You talk, Shey U wan collect, Poco Lee dey dance you dey look, abi you wan collect.

OGB Recent Dead Or Alive: Is OGB Recent Dead? No! OGB Recent is not dead. He is alive and healthy.

Social Media Handles

Ogb Recent Instagram: @ogb-recent

Ogb Recent Twitter:@Ogb-Recent

Ogb Recent Facebook:OGB Recent

YouTube- Real OGB Recent