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History Of Simphiwe Ngema: Everything To Know About Simphiwe Ngema Profile, Marriage, Husband, Boyfriend, Children, Son, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth, Baby Daddy, House & Cars.

Simphiwe Meaning – Simphiwe is a name that indicates a gift of gab – the ability to persuade others effortlessly. The act of been expressive, optimistic, outgoing, and inspiring.

Who Is Simphiwe Ngema?
Simphiwe Ngema (born 29 August 1989 is a South African Actress, Singer, MC and Event Presenter. She is well known for her role as Thuli Nkosi in the SABC 2 Network TV show Muvhango. Her net worth is about $900,000 US Dollars as at 2022.
Simphiwe Ngema is the last born amongst two other female children.

Simphiwe Ngema Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts
Name: Simphiwe
Stage Name: Simz
Full Name: Simphiwe Ngema
Nationality: South Africa
Hometown: Johannesburg
Township: Soweto 
Ethnicity: Black
Place of Birth: Johannesburg Soweto township
Date of Birth: 29th August, 1989
Birthday: 29 August
Age: 33 Years Old (2022)
Height: 5″6 Feet Tall
Gender: Female
Parents: Mr and Mrs Ngema
Siblings: 2 sisters
Sisters’ Names: Baxolile Ngema & Ziph’ezinhle Ngema
Net Worth: $600k- $900k USD
Relationship: Yes (after her husband’s death)
Boyfriend: Tino Chinyani
Marital status: Widow
Marriage Date:. 2017
Spouse, Husband: Dumisani Masilela (Late)
Husband State of Origin: N/A
Divorced: No but a widow
Children: 1 child
Son: Tiyani Chinyani
Religion: Christianity
Tattoo: No
Hobbies: Traveling, reading books & watching movies.
Education: Graduate with highest qualification.
Occupation: Actress, Singer, MC & TV Personality
Instagram: @simzngema
Twitter: @simz Ngema
Facebook:@ Simphiwe Ngema
Full Biography of Simphiwe Ngema (Singer, Actress).

Simphiwe Ngema Singing Career, Occupation, Life History, Business, Songs ( Everything You Should Know)
Biography Wikipedia: Simphiwe Ngema is a South African born Singer, MC and TV personality born on 29th August 1989 as the third born girl into the family of Mr and Mrs Ngema.
She hails from South Africa and she grew up in Johannesburg’s Soweto township alongside her siblings, mainly sisters no brother.

Simphiwe Ngema Picture

Where Is She From & Where She Is Now?
Simphiwe Ngema is a beautiful born South Africa young lady from Johannesburg Soweto township. She is currently in South Africa now.
When Simphiwe Ngema Started Acting
Simphiwe Ngema started acting in the year 2016 when she was involved in a theatre production. She got her first role in the play “The Game” as given by the producer, Duma Ndlovu.
Name: Simphiwe Ngema aka Simz is her real name yet to answer her husband’s name but famously known as Tino Chinyani girlfriend.

Photo of Simphiwe Ngema

Nationality, Country, State of Origin, Hometown, Ethnicity, and Tribe: Simphiwe Ngema is from South Africa in Johannesburg along Soweto township. She is from Black Ethnicity.
Simphiwe Ngema Education, Career, Occupation, Height, Weight, House, Cars & Net Worth Forbes
Education: Simphiwe Ngema attended her primary, and secondary school education at Local High School and obtained a certificate to further her academics in tertiary level where she obtained her highest Qualification as a graduate.
Career: Simphiwe Ngema started acting career in the year 2016 where she was involved in a theatre production. She got her first role in the play “The Game” as given by the producer, Duma Ndlovu. She came through with a role as Buhle on the “The Queen” in 2018 and also appeared on Broken Vows and Vuzu reality show, Preachers’ Kids.
Simphiwe Ngema Movies: Simphiwe Ngema has starred in other TV Show and movies such as, Isidingo, Greed & Desire, Bone of My Bones, etc.
As a presenter, she hosted’s cultural show, Isiko, in 2015
Occupation: Simphiwe Ngema is a Musician, Actress, TV personality & a Model presenter. In addition to that, she also has other business that yields income to her.

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Simphiwe Ngema Height & Weight: Simphiwe Ngema is an average tall lady of about 5″6 feet. Simz is a healthy young lady who is on her early 30’s and she weighs about 65kg. No history of illness nor surgery.
Simphiwe Ngema House & Cars: Simphiwe Ngema has her own beautiful apartment over there in South Africa. She drives nice cars and is financially comfortable.
Simphiwe Ngema Net Worth: How much is Simphiwe Ngema? Simphiwe Ngema has a net worth of about $600-900K USD as at 2022.
Simphiwe Ngema eye color, Sexuality, Hobby, 
Sexuality (Gay or Lesbian): Is Simphiwe Ngema a Lesbian, gay or Straight? No! Simphiwe Ngema is straight, and she is not a Lesbian.
Eye Color: Simphiwe Ngema has a dark brown and white eye color.
Hobby: What is Simphiwe Ngema hobbies and favorite things? Simphiwe Ngema best is traveling, reading books, watching movies,etc. Her favorite color is blue and pink. She also smokes.
Simphiwe Ngema Family, Parents & Siblings, Sisters
Simphiwe Ngema comes from a monogamous family of three girls only, which she is the last child of the mother. She grew up alongside with her elder Sisters in Soweto township. The parents specifically waited for a while after the second child for the chance of a male child.
Simphiwe Ngema Parents: The parents of Simphiwe Ngema is Mr and Mrs Ngema, of South Africa Country in Johannesburg Soweto township.
Simphiwe Ngema father is a pastor.

Picture of Simphiwe Ngema Father

Simphiwe Ngema Husband, Relationship, Boyfriend, Marriage, Child

Simphiwe Ngema Marriage, Married, Husband: Who is Simphiwe Ngema married to? Simphiwe Ngema is married to Dumisani Masilela who is now late. Simz Ngema produces Dumi’s music posthumously, Ngema was hit hard by Dumi’s demise. After the shock wore off, Simz Ngema worked on producing music that Dumi Masilela was working on before his sudden demise. The music was compiled into an album- Eternal Crush- that was produced under the record label Simphiwe Ngema. The album includes Yena, a heartfelt song Dumi wrote for his wife. 

Pictures of And her late husband, Dumisani Masilela 

Simphiwe Ngema and Her Late Husband: Simphiwe Ngema was married to Dumi Masilela in the 2017 until he died in August 2017 after a great accident. Dumi Masilela lost his life. He was with a friend when it happened. In the botched hijacking, they shot at the jeep while he was driving. The hijackers managed to get away but Dumi sustained several injuries, and the friend had to rush him to hospital. Unfortunately, he succumbed to death due to the injuries, making the official Dumi Masilela age at death 29 years old. 
Simphiwe Ngema Relationship: Simphiwe Ngema stayed about 2years+ mourning her late husband until 2020 when she finally got a male friend to be in relationship with.
Who Is Simphiwe Ngema Dating Now? Simphiwe Ngema is dating Tino Chinyani since 2020.
Simphiwe Ngema New Husband, Pregnant, Baby Daddy
Simphiwe Ngema Married: Is Simphiwe Ngema married again? No! Simphiwe Ngema has not remarried. He fell into relationship with Tino Chinyani and finally got pregnant for him and born a baby boy. 
Simphiwe Ngema And Tino Chinyani: Simphiwe Ngema got fell in love with Tino Chinyani after some years of mourning her late husband Dumi Masilela. They have been in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship but not married to each other.
He is a Zimbabwean actor, TV host presenter and model. He is in his early 30’s. He also works in an entertainment industry.
Simphiwe Ngema Baby Daddy: Who is Simphiwe Ngema baby daddy? Simphiwe Ngema baby daddy name is Tino Chinyani, the father of her little son Tiyani Chinyani.

Pictures of Tino Chinyani, Simphiwe Ngema baby daddy

Who is the father of Simphiwe Ngema child, Son? The father of Simphiwe Ngema’s child is Tino Chinyani.

Pictures of Baby Father

Photo of Simphiwe Ngema Son And his father

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Simphiwe Boyfriend: Who is Simphiwe Ngema boyfriend? Simphiwe Ngema’s boyfriend is Tino Chinyani. How old is he? He is 29 years old as of 2022.
Simphiwe Ngema Children, Child, Son, Full Name and Age

The name of Simphiwe Ngema son is Tiyani Chinyani. His full name is Tiyani Kemorena Michael Chinyani. Simphiwe Ngema child is the son of Tino Chinyani.

Pictures of Simphiwe Ngema Son, Tiyani Chinyani

Simphiwe Ngema Son Age: Simphiwe Ngema baby son was born on 23rd of August 2020 and he is currently 2 years old in 2022. His 2nd birthday celebration is on 23rd August 2022.
Breakup: Are Tino and Simphiwe Ngema still together?
No, Simphiwe Ngema and Tino Chinyani are no more together. They have broken up.
A beautiful love story between TV personalities Simphiwe Ngema and Tino Chinayi ended following an ‘entanglement’ after Ngema confirmed this on her Instagram account. The break-up comes after Ngema recently celebrated her high-class 32nd birthday just after five days. The relationship that the two TV personalities share has been plagued by remarkable memories and has been broken.
What happened between Simphiwe and Tino
The actress and mother of one, Simphiwe Ngema surprised her followers when she announced on her Instagram that she is no longer dating her baby daddy. She and Chinyani share a one-year-old son, Tiyani Chinyani, a journey the pair say has changed their lives forever.
Their breakup confused their fans as the actress posted a picture of herself and Chinyani looking cosy and in love.
The 27-year-old model and TV presenter had told a local publication that he wants to make fatherhood his greatest job ever. “Fatherhood has given me the motivation, the level-headedness, the patience, and the unconditional love that has truly made me the man that I have always wanted to be.”
“I am so thankful for Tiyani.”
He also states that he has nothing but love and admiration for the mother of his child and wishes people would respect their privacy.
Simphiwe Ngema Pregnant, Pregnancy
Immediately after Dumi’s death, rumours that Simz Ngema was 10 weeks pregnant were all over the media. Dumi’s family, however, squashed the rumours saying that Simphiwe was not pregnant. So she didn’t have any child for her late husband.
Is Simphiwe Ngema Pregnant? In August 2020, the star actress Simz Ngema announced her pregnancy on Instagram. She posted pictures of her baby bump. The first picture from her maternity shoot says, “Indeed there is a God in heaven. He wiped away my tears and gave me joy in abundance. You’ve brought hope and purpose to my life. @tino_chinyani. I will forever be grateful to you for this beautiful gift and for teaching me how to love again. I love you both with all my heart.
Simphiwe Ngema Phone Number, WhatsApp, Contact: Simphiwe Ngema can be contacted her Instagram page.
Simphiwe Ngema Instagram: Simphiwe Ngema Instagram page Account Profile Handle 



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