Paid-Up Additional Insurance Explained

Paid-Up Additional Life Insurance

Whole life insurance companies offer multiple provisions that let you customize a policy. One of these that is sometimes available is called paid-up additional insurance (PUA). Particularly, it can raise your policy’s value with time and provide additional cash to withdraw or borrow against. What is Paid-Up Additional Insurance? To begin with, paid-up additions allow … Read more

Life Insurance Dividends | Explanation, Options and Tips

Life Insurance Dividends

Life insurance dividends are often confused with those paid on stock. However, they are not the same as those you may receive on stock shares or stock mutual funds. What are Life Insurance Dividends? To begin with, a dividend is a return of a portion of the premiums you paid for life insurance policy, that … Read more

Variable Life Insurance Review| How Does It Work?

Variable Life Insurance Review

Variable life insurance is a permanent life insurance policy that comes with a death benefit and an investment component. The policy has a cash value account that allows you to choose investment options yourself. In contrast, whole life insurance has the insurance company making those choices. On the other hand, variable universal life insurance (VUL) … Read more

Long-Term Care Insurance | How It Works

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care (LTC) insurance is an insurance plan that helps pay for long-term care. To illustrate, it pays for items such as nursing homes, hospice care, adult day care and getting assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, eating, etc. Long-term care insurance costs vary based on multiple factors. LTC rates aren’t fixed … Read more

Best Young Adult Life Insurance 2023 | 7 Insurance Companies for Young Adults

Best Young Adult Life Insurance

There’s a total of 7 best young adult life insurance companies for the year 2023, and these companies include: Symetra Corebridge Financial Lincoln Financial Pacific Life Principal Protective Ameritas Life insurance is a crucial financial tool that is frequently disregarded. You could think that you don’t require life insurance if you’re a young adult. But … Read more

Life Insurance Retirement Plan (LIRP) | Get LIRP Loans

Life Insurance Retirement Plan

It’s beneficial to have a Life Insurance Retirement Plan because it offers the benefit of life insurance plus the security of retirement savings. Note that an LIRP won’t fully replace your IRA or 401(k), instead, it can be used as a supplement to your current retirement planning strategy. Read through this article, and find out … Read more