Allysyn BBN Biography, Age, Photos, Husband, Family, Net Worth, Allyson Audu BBNaija Instagram

Allyson Bbnaija Biography: History & Instagram Pictures Of Smooth Allysyn Audu Osy, Bio, Wikipedia, Tribe, State Of Origin, Boyfriend, House, Cars, Parents, Siblings, Hairstyles, Mother, Father, Height, Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures, Age, Educational Background, Birthday, Real Name, Allysyn Audu BBN BBNaija Season 7, Hairstyle

Allyson bbnaija biography

Allyson bbnaija instagram

Allysyn bbnaija state of origin

Allysyn bbnaija biography

Allysyn bbnaija instagram

Allyson bbn biography

How old is Allyson BBN?

Where is Allyson BBN from?

Allison bbn 2022

Allysyn bbn

Who is Allysyn from BBNaija?

Who is Allysyn’s boyfriend?

Who is Allysyn from BBNaija?

Who Is Allysyn Audu?

Allysyn Audu aka Smooth Allysyn whose real name is Allysyn Osy Audu (born 11 May 1997) is a Big Brother Naija Season 7 Housemate.

Allyson bbnaija is a Nigerian born Model, Digital Content Creator, YouTuber and Big Brother Naija (BBN) 2022 Season 7 ‘Level Up’ housemate and contestant.

Allysyn Audu Net Worth is about $14,000 US Dollars which is about ₦8,400,000 Million in Naira as at 2022.

The real name of Allysyn BBN is Allysyn Audu while her full name is Allysyn Osy Audu. 

Allysyn Audu BBN is a 25-year-old Sales and Marketing Executive and Reality TV Star who is a contestant on Big Brother Naija S7. She works with Nissan.

Allyson BBN is from Edo State, Nigeria. She was born on 11 May in 1997 into the family of Mr and Mrs Audu. Her parents are from Benin in Edo State, Nigeria.

Smooth Allysyn Osy Audu aka Allyson bbnaija became famous for participating in the 2022 BBN Big Brother Naija season 7 show. Her bald hair style stands her out among the BBnaija housemates.

Photos of Allyson BBN

Pictures of Allysyn BBnaija

Allysyn Audu: Smooth Allysyn BBNaija Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Stage Name: Allysyn BBN (BBNaija)

Nickname: Smooth Allysyn

Real, Full Name: Osy Allysyn Audu

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Edo State

Hometown: Benin

Tribe: Bini

Religion: Christianity

Height: 5″7 Feet tall

Birthplace: Lagos

Date Of Birth: 11 May 1997

Age: 25 Years Old (In 2022)

Occupation: Model, Content Creator, YouTuber, Reality TV Star

Net Worth: $14,000 US Dollars

Relationship, Marital Status: Single

Parents: Mr and Mrs Audu

Siblings: Sen Audu, Kimberly Etse Audu

Brother: Sen Audu

Sister: Kimberly Etse Audu

Instagram: @smoothallysyn

YouTube: Allysyn Audu

Education: Babcock University

Biography Wikipedia: Who Is Allysyn?

Allysyn Osy Audu is a salesperson and a professional model. She has featured in couple of music videos including Ayra Star’s DITR. She’s also a YouTuber, video editor, presenter, writer, content creator & owns a lipgloss brand.

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Smooth Allysyn is a Face and Fashion Model and has done ads and being on billboards for brands like legend and MTN.

Nissan: Allysyn works as a Sales and Marketing Executive for a popular vehicle brand, Nissan.

Profile Of Allysyn BBNAIJA 2022 Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Season 7 ‘Level Up’ Housemate & Contestant

Allyson is the 17th BBNaija Season 7 housemate. She is a YouTuber, Vlogger and content creator.


Full Name: Osy Allysyn Audu

Easy-going Allysyn describes herself as “a creative goofball who enjoys experiencing people”. She enjoys watching movies, modelling, hanging out with friends and making her own lip gloss, when she is not hard at work as a Sales and Marketing Executive for a popular vehicle brand. 

She considers herself a loyal friend and expects the same energy from those closest to her. As a “huge fan of love”, Allysny is currently in a relationship and enjoys “how love helps me see myself in a new light every day”. 

After investing all her money in furniture for a show she wanted to start on YouTube ¬– then subsequently losing it all when Covid hit, this 25-year-old is eager to get it all back and then some, by winning Big Brother Naija. She also hopes appearing on the show will help her build her brand. ”I want to do social media full-time, I want to continue modelling and I also want to be a television presenter. 

What habits could annoy her fellow Housemates? “I take everything as a joke, and I like to do things in my own time,” she says.

Pictures of Allysyn Audu aka Smooth Allysyn Big Brother Naija S7 housemate

What BBNaija Fans Are Saying About Allysyn

Defolu Magic 💫 @Foluflenjour:

Allysyn delivers her message/opinion with so much kindness. She speaks with the intention, she helps you confront yourself in the most tender way. She really really is that babe ❤️

Berv of Dubai🤍🇵🇹 @bervelynnnn:

Bruh people don’t hype Allysyn enough! 

That girl is such a top top babe. She doesn’t asslick, she doesn’t backbite,her emotional intelligence is on a 💯, she participates in tasks and parties hard with a lilttle Kunle here and there. 

Love love her personality. 


An ALLYSYN Audu Stan Account @jozzie_o:

The flyest babe! Madam alternative! Madam sexy! Madam goofy! Madam no stress! The pesin wey dey make my heart do dudum dudum! 😂

That’s the person I always want on my screen 





Gooseberry🥰 @ChinemeAmini:

Allysyn came into the house not knowing how to boil water, its just week 2 and my girl can now cook noodles. Did you see how she added sweetcorn to that noodles, so tender and gentle. 

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I love me a progressive baldie #BBNaija

An ALLYSYN Audu Stan Account @jozzie_o:

Watching Allysyn will help you destress. It’s either you’re laughing at all her nonsense jokes or her beauty dey make you forget your problems!

Allysyn Audu Educational Background

Allysyn Audu attended Loral International Secondary School. After obtaining First School Leaving Certificate and SSCE Certificate, Allysyn proceeded to Babcock University where she graduated from.

Allysyn BBN Real Name: What is Allyson BBnaija real name? Allysyn BBN real name is Allysyn Audu and her full name is Osy Allysyn Audu.

Allysyn bbnaija State Of Origin, Home Town: Where is Allysyn BBN from? Allysyn Audu bbnaija is from Edo State, Nigeria.

Allysyn BBN hails from Benin, Sourh South part of Nigeria.

Allysyn BBN Tribe: What tribe is Allysyn Audu? Allysyn Audu BBnaija is Bini by tribe.

Allysyn Date Of Birth, Birthday: When was Allysyn born? Allysyn Audu BBN was born on 11 May 1997.

Allysyn Age: How old is Allysyn Audu Bbn? Allysyn Audu BBN is 25 years old in 2022.

Allysyn Audu Height: How tall is Allysyn Bbn? Allysyn Audu is 5″7 Feet tall.

Photos of Allysyn Standing at 5″7 Feet tall

Allysyn BBnaija Hairstyles, Haircut, Bald, With Hair: Smooth Allysyn Audu Bbn cuts her hair bald. She wears wigs to cover her bald hair, head occasionally. Allysyn Audu looks beautiful with hair, wigs and without hair, natural bald hair, whether she is wearing makeup or not wearing makeup.

Pictures of Allysyn With Hair, Wig and Bald Hair Without Hair

Lesbian Or Straight: Is Allysyn Audu a Lesbian, Bisexual Or Straight? Allysyn Audu is straight, not a lesbian.

Allysyn Voice: Does Allysyn bbn voice sound like a man’s voice? Some fans think so.

Religion: Is Allysyn Audu BBN a Muslim or Christian? Allysyn is a Christian from a Christian Edo home.

Allysyn BBN Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Sister, Brother: Allysyn Audu is from a Christian Edo family. She was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Audu. She has other siblings brothers and sisters.

The names of Allysyn Audu siblings sister is Kimberly Etse Audu and her brother is Sen Audu.

Old Throwback Childhood Photo of Allysyn

Allysyn bbn Married, Marriage: Is Allysyn Audu married? No, Allysyn Audu BBnaija is not yet married. She’s single.

Allysyn Audu Husband: Allysyn Audu BBN is not married yet. She does not have a husband yet.

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Allysyn Audu Boyfriend? Who is Allysyn’s boyfriend? Allysyn Audu Bbn has a boyfriend outside Big Brother house. She is in a relationship. But Allysyn is in a close relationship with her fellow housemate, Adekunle.

Allysyn and Adekunle Relationship

The relationship that exists between Allysyn and Adekunle in the Bbn house is that of pure love and friendship. Man BBnaija fans are shipping Allyson and Adekunle together.

Memunatu Kargbo @MemunatuKargb18:

You guys should calm down on this Ade and Ally matter.She’s just saying she’s scared for her emotions and Adekunle is moving too fast because she kissed him and there are some things she likes about him and things she doesn’t like. Allysyn is just trying to weigh things #Allysyn’

Gooseberry🥰 @ChinemeAmini:

Allysyn thinks Adekunle is moving too fast and too deep and she’s not there yet as she wants to take her time to get to know him first. 

She also doesn’t like over protective guys and Adekunle is becoming overly protective of her. 


Ayomidele 👸📚 @MsAyomidele:

I love adekunle and Allysyn so much. I can watch them for 24 hours 


chichi🇬🇭 @afya_adoma

‘I have watched BBA & BBN for years and for the first time I’m seeing two people who are entering into a relationship like they would without a camera. I have an utmost respect for Adekunle and Allysyn. This is courtship and that’s how it should be. It’s just been 2weeks #BBNaija


Allysyn: I was dancing with Groovy on Saturday and Adekunle came to drag me, the thing pained me ehn 😂😂😂😂😂😂


Children, Child: Allysyn Audu does not have a child yet.

Allysyn Audu BBnaija Net Worth: How much is Allysyn Audu BBN Net Worth? Allysyn Audu BBnaija Net Worth is about $14,000 US Dollars which is about ₦8,400,000 Million in Naira as at 2022.

Allysyn Audu House and Cars: Allysyn Audu BBN lives in Lagos State.

Allyson bbnaija instagram

Allysyn Audu Instagram: Allysyn bbnaija instagram handle is smoothallysyn.

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