Who Is Uju Anya? Biography, Age, Husband, Family, Net Worth, Lesbian, Nationality, Ethnicity

Pictures, Photos: Who is Professor Uju Anya? Pictures, Photos, Age, Lesbian, Family, Married, Husband, Children, Net Worth, Nationality, Ethnicity, LinkedIn, House, Cars, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Twitter, Career, Occupation, Job, Boyfriend, Lesbian Partner

Who is Uju Anya?

Biography Wikipedia: Uju Anya (born 4th August 1976) is a Nigerian professor based in the US. She is a feminist. Her net worth is about $1,000,000 Million US Dollars.
Uju Anya is university professor and researcher in applied linguistics, critical sociolinguistics, and critical discourse studies primarily examining race, gender, sexual, and social class identities in new language learning through the experiences of African American students. 
Uju Anya works at Carnegie Mellon University as Linguistics professor.
Professor Uju Anya’s other areas of inquiry include applied linguistics as a practice of social justice and translanguaging in world language pedagogy. She currently teaches and conducts research as associate professor of second language acquisition at the Carnegie Mellon University Department of Modern Languages.
Uju Anya became famous for blasting the Queen Elizabeth II of England over her death on Twitter. This shook the whole world and got people talking on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media.
Uju Anya parents are divorced. While her mother is a Trinidadian woman, her father is from Enugu State, Nigeria. She has other siblings brothers and sisters. She is the last child of her family.

Picture of Uju Anya Mother & Sibling Brother
Uju Anya is a lesbian. She was married to her ex husband with children but her marriage crashed after she divorced her husband. She has two (2) children.

Picture of Uju Anya

Uju Anya Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts
Name: Uju Anya
Nationality: Nigerian
State Of Origin: Enugu State
Hometown: Enugu
Ethnicity: Black, African
Tribe: Igbo
Date Of Birth: 4 August 1976
Birthday: 4 August
Age: 46 years old (2022)
Height: 5″7 Feet Tall
Occupation, Profession: Teacher, Lecturer, Author
Net Worth: $1 Million US Dollars
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Married: Yes but Divorced
Marital Status: Divorced
Spouse, Husband: Ex Husband
Number Of Children: 2
Lesbian Partner: Prof Alang
Boyfriend: None
Father: Mr Anya
Mother: Marie Anya

Photo of Prof. Uju Anya
Uju Anya Educational Background
Schools professor Uju Anya attended are listed below:
University of California, Los Angeles
Brown University
Dartmouth College
Uju Anya Books: Racialized Identities in Second Language Learning: Speaking Blackness in Brazil
Uju Anya Research interests: Applied Linguistics, Second Language Learning, Language Pedagogy

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Uju Anya Vs Queen Elizabeth II

What did Uju Anya say? Uju Anya had called out Queen Elizabeth II of England during her death over the death of her family members back in Nigeria during the Nigerian Biafra civil war.
Uju Anya said:
“I heard the chief monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire is finally dying. May her pain be excruciating. “

“If anyone expects me to express anything but disdain for the monarch who supervised a government that sponsored the genocide that massacred and displaced half my family and the consequences of which those alive today are still trying to overcome, you can keep wishing upon a star.”

Jeff Bezos Knocks Nigerian-born US Professor Over Queen Elizabeth’s Tweet

Billionaire, Jeff Bezos, has slammed a Nigerian-born US professor, Uju Anya, for her tweet on the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Uju Anya Nationality, Country Of Origin: Uju Anya is from which country? Uju Anya is a Nigerian by nationality from Enugu State.
Uju Anya Ethnicity, Tribe: What tribe is Uju Anya? Uju Anya is Igbo by Tribe. The Igbos are from the South East part of Nigeria.
Uju Anya Ethnicity: Uju Anya is Black African American and Igbo.
Uju Anya State Of Origin, Home Town, Village: Uju Anya hails from Enugu State, Nigeria.
Uju Anya Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: How old is Uju Anya? Uju Anya is 46 years old as at 2022. Professor Uju Anya was born on 4th August 1976.
Uju Anya Religion: Uju Anya is a Christian.
Uju Anya Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Uju Anya a lesbian, bisexual or straight? Yes, Uju Anya is a lesbian. She is not a bisexual or straight. Though she was once married but she left her marriage after she discovered that she was a lesbian and not bi.

On Aug 2022, Uju Anya wrote about her ex husband and being a lesbian. She wrote: “Before I publicly came out, I was married to a man who fathered both my children. I’ve loved and dated women all my adult life. Lived in Brazil with a woman before I met and fell in love with my ex-husband. Eventually, after realizing I was a lesbian, not bi, I left the marriage.” Added “Here’s my public coming out story. It’s not coming out in the sense of discovering I loved women. I knew (and he knew) that going into marriage with a man. What I didn’t know and eventually came to terms with was the reality that I exclusively love women.”
Uju Anya Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Uju Anya is from a broken home. Her father, Mr Anya is a Nigerian while her mother Mrs Marie Anya, a Trinidadian woman, met her father at University in England, and they got married, had a child and moved back to Enugu, Nigeria.
While they were in Nigeria, the civil war began and, her father left her mother and their kids with his family and stayed with his mistress and side chics during the Biafra war.
Uju Anya mother took her and her immediate elder brother and left Nigeria. She said her elder siblings were already adults so they remained in Nigeria.

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Wedding Picture of Uju Anya Mother

Pictures of Uju Anya Mother

Uju Anya Married, Marriage, Divorced: Is Uju Anya married? Yes, Uju Anya was married but now divorced. She was married with two (2) kids but got divorced from her former husband.
Uju Anya Husband: Who is Uju Anya ex husband, name, pictures? Uju Anya was married to her ex husband and they had two children before the marriage crashed.
Uju Anya Children, Son, Daughter: Uju Anya has two (2) children; a 16 year old son and a 10 year old daughter.

Throwback photo of Uju Anya Daughter

Recent photo of Uju Anya Daughter

Uju Anya Boyfriend, Baby Daddy: Who is Uju Anya boyfriend? Uju Anya does not have a boyfriend as she is strictly a lesbian.
Uju Anya Lesbian Partner, Girlfriend: Who is Uju Anya Lesbian Partner? The name of Uju Anya Lesbian Partner, lover and girlfriend is Professor Sirry Alang.

Photos of Uju Anya and her lesbian Partner, Professor Sirry Alang

Professor Uju Anya Net Worth 2022, 2023
Uju Anya net worth is about $1 Million US Dollars as at 2022.
Uju Anya House and Cars
Uju Anya lives in the United States of America and drives nice cars.
Uju Anya Instagram: Uju Anya Instagram page Account Profile Handle is @ujuanya.
Lydia Valch Reacts To Dr. Uju Anya’s Post

“Imagine people with ordinary Bachelor degree advising a PhD holder. 
Imagine someone in Nigeria that refused to read International history advising A Professor in America. 
You see this my generation, they can’t be better than Buhari. 
Go and google about Professor Uju Anya and start thinking like her.
Igbo woman expressed herself the way people of Scotland, the Jews will Express themselves.
Go and read about Clifford’s tower massacre and stop defending what you don’t know. 
Are you aware that Jewish bones was used to construct road in England? 
No way will a typical Nigerian know international history because they don’t read beyond Nigeria, eating agbado and Cassava. 
Now I understand why Educated people voted for an illiterate as President.
Did I forget to tell you to go and read how Europe underdeveloped Africa? 
Why Afrixa with all the mineral resources are 3rd world countries? 
I say, you dey ma*d for not knowing how England hurt people.”
Oluwafemi Sunmola @oluwafemisunmol: “Imagine Uju Anya’s tweet was about Vladimir Putin and not Queen Elizabeth, all those criticizing it will be retweeting it and being gleeful. The world is multifaceted and people can hold differing opinions.
Aji Bussu Onye Mpiawa azụ 🇨🇮”
@AfamDeluxo: “Uju Anya’s account is on the right side of Twitter’s bias. Twitter took down her post but left her account. They would have deleted that account if it was someone else. If you know, you know. Ka omesia!”
Mo-Mo💙 @Morris_Monye: That Uju Anya will suddenly see the whole world swoop down on her starting from the Academia. 
This is the Queen not Buhari or even Joe Biden. 
Just watch out for her in the next few days. Even Jeff Bezos shock sef.
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Who is professor Uju Anya?
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