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Who is Isaac Fayose?
Isaac Fayose (born 4th September) is a Nigerian Businessman and Philanthropist. He is the younger brother of Ayo Fayose, the former Governor of Ekiti State.
Isaac Fayose’s full name is Isaac Owolabi Fayose. He is the owner of Juzzy Farms; Anis Security; Alibi Television, Viewpoint Hotels among others.
Isaac Fayose is a Nigerian Billionaire. His net worth is about $12 Million US Dollars, estimated at ₦7,200,000,000 Billion as at 2022. He is from Afao-Ekiti in Ekiti State, but he was raised in Oyo State where he had his primary and secondary school education.

Isaac Fayose is married with children.

Isaac Fayose Bio Data Wiki Facts

Name: Isaac Fayose
Other Names: Prince Isaac Fayose
Full Name: Isaac Owolabi Fayose
Nationality: Nigerian
State Of Origin: Ekiti State
Hometown: Afao-Ekiti
Tribe: Yoruba 
Birthday: 4th September
Height: 6″0 feet tall
Religion: Christianity
Occupation, Profession: Entrepreneur, Businessman
Net Worth: $12 Million US Dollars
Net Worth In Naira: ₦7,200,000,000 Billion Naira
Relationship, Marital Status: Married
Children: Daniel Fayose, Nadia Fayose, Isabelle Fayose
Parents: John Olorunfemi Oluwayose, Victoria Fayose
Father: Pa John Olorunfemi Oluwayose
Mother: Prophetess Victoria Oluwayose
Siblings: Ayo Fayose, Otunba Emmanuel Fayose, Segun Fayose, Apostle Bimpe Sorinolu
Instagram: isaacfayoseoriginal_
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Bio Wiki: Isaac Fayose aka Prince Isaac Fayose is the younger brother of former governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose. He is a Nigerian Entrepreneur, hotelier and philanthropist from Ekiti State.

Pictures of Isaac Fayose

Isaac Fayose Hotels: Isaac Fayose owns at least 3 hotels in Nigeria which include,
1 Viewpoint Signature Apart Hotel Lekki phase 1, Lagos
2 Viewpoint Resort Ibadan (which he is selling)
3 Viewpoint Luxury Karu, Abuja.

Isaac Fayose Philantropist: Isaac Fayose is a Nigerian philanthropist. He helps the less privileged with cash and other materials. He helps the windows too. In one of his Facebook posts, Isaac Fayose shared 10,000 to 14 widows each. He had written:
I want to bless 14 widows with just 10k each ….”
In another post he wrote:
If you having disabilities drop your account 5k each..”
Isaac Fayose Food Bank: Isaac Fayose organizes what he calls ‘Food Bank’ which means sending money to hungry Nigerians on social media to buy food to eat.

Food bank time ….
If you like support Atiku or Tinubu or Obi I don’t care my food bank is for everyone ✅✅” – Isaac Fayose
Isaac Fayose Politics
Isaac Fayose Political Party: Which party does Isaac Fayose belong to? Isaac Fayose is currently suporting the Labour Party (LP) candidate, Pete Obi. It’s not clear if he is a registered member of the labour Party or not.
Isaac Fayose Supports Peter Obi, Donates Hotel For His Campaign, Promises To Donate 20 to 40 Million Naira

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Isaac Fayose is ‘obidient’. He is a Peter Obi supporter ahead of the 2023 general election.
Isaac Fayose, the younger brother of former Governor of Ekiti state Ayo Fayose, announced his donation of his property, Viewpoint Resort hotel in Ibadan to Peter Obi campaign.
He also promised to donate the sum of N20 Million to N40 Million to Peter Obi campaign.
Prince Isaac Fayose said:

I will be donating 20-40 million naira to Peter Obi’s campaign 
What about you?”

Isaac Fayose Comment on Atiku

Isaac Fayose comments have been attacking Atiku Abubakar ahead of the 2023 general elections. Here are some of Isaac Fayose’s comments on Atiku Abubakar as obtained by TopCelebBio.

Atiku Abubakar is a fake man 
Fake candidate!!”

Atiku Abubakar came back to bury PDP after destroying the party in 2014 😭😭😭

Atiku is contesting for president just to come and move our money to Dubai …

I hope it is clear to you now that Atiku Abubakar is only going back to Dubai 😃😃😃”

“Wike kept the PDP together for 3+ years while Atiku was cruising Dubai unconcerned.

Then ran back to rejoin the party he tried his hardest to destroy and they gave him the presidential ticket as a reward. Chai we mumu that year shaaa but he was the lesser of two evils. 

Thank you Peter Obi for taking the bold step to give us a choice.”

“See what Atiku, Tambuwal, Saraki , Dino and others did to your brother Goodluck Jonathan in 2015😭😭😭😭😭 
Do they deserve vote after hijacking the party again in 2022?

“See them 😡😡
Political prostitutes 
Reject Atiku Abubakar”

Isaac Fayose Education
Isaac Fayose had his primary and secondary school education in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria before proceeding to the university.
State Of Origin, Home Town: Where is Isaac Fayose from? Isaac Fayose is from Afao-Ekiti in Irepodun/Ifelodun Local Government Area, of Ekiti State, Nigeria.
Isaac Fayose Tribe: What tribe is Isaac Fayose? Isaac Fayose is Yoruba tribe.
I am a Yoruba man!! I love my tribe” – Isaac Fayose.

Isaac Fayose Date Of Birth, Birthday: When was Isaac Fayose born? Isaac Fayose was born on 4th September.
Isaac Fayose Age: How old is Isaac Fayose? Isaac Fayose was born on 4th September but his exact year of birth is unavailable. But his elder brother, Ayo Fayose is 62 years old by 15th of November 2022.
Isaac Fayose Tattoo: Isaac Fayose is a lover of tattoos. He got his right and left arms tattoed.

Isaac Fayose Religion: Is Isaac Fayose a Muslim or Christian? Isaac Fayose is a Christian.
Isaac Fayose Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Isaac Fayose is from a polygamous family. His father’s name is Pa John Olorunfemi Oluwayose who married 6 wives with 27 children.

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Isaac Fayose Family

Isaac Fayose Siblings

Isaac Fayose Father: Who Is Isaac Fayose Father? Isaac Fayose father is Pa John Olorunfemi Oluwayose. He is dead. He died on 14 February 2009.
Isaac Fayose Mother: Who Is Isaac Fayose mother? Isaac Fayose mother is Prophetess Victoria Oluwafunke Oluwayose. She turns 83 years old on 26 October 2022. She is a princess of the Osho royal family in Attah Aiyede, Ekiti.

Isaac Fayose and his mother

Isaac Fayose, Mother and his Son

Isaac Fayose Siblings, Brothers, Sisters: How many siblings does Isaac Fayose have! Isaac Fayose has 26 siblings. The names of Isaac Fayose siblings from the same mother are, Ayo Fayose, Otunba Emmanuel Fayose, Segun Fayose, Apostle Bimpe Sorinolu.

Isaac Fayose and his Elder brother, Ayo Fayose

Isaac Fayose Wife: Who is Isaac Fayose Wife, Name, Pictures? Isaac Fayose is married to a White – Oyinbo woman with. They have been married for about 14 years now and they have a son together.

Picture of Isaac Fayose and his wife

Isaac Fayose, Wife and Son
Isaac Fayose Children: How many children does Isaac Fayose have? Isaac Fayose has three (3) children – a son and two (2) daughters. The names of Isaac Fayose children are Daniel Fayose, Nadia Fayose, Isabelle Fayose.
The name of his son is Daniel aka Danny Fayose. He is a half cast.

Pictures of Isaac Fayose Son

Isaac Fayose Son

Nadia/Daniel and Isabelle Fayose spending Christmas with daddy

Anambra experience!! The Fayose Igbo’s My gals half Ekiti half Anambra buried their grandpa 41 A gift (goat) from our in-laws
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Isaac Fayose Daughter

Isaac Fayose Dick Causes A Stir On Social Media

Isaac Fayose had shared a picture of himself with his wife, son and mother but the imprint of his joystick got Social Media users talking. See some reactions after the cut….
Atobalo Ayo: Bross u carry dick oooooo habaaaa
Toppy Clems: U go fear prick ooo
Tosin Osho: Brother you too carry oooo
Babatunde: Why rough packing as at the time of this pics.Bros something down there
Phowodu: I thought am the only one seeing the bulge from the zip side of the shorts extended to the left pocket side
Edna: What’s that???😲😲😲😲

Isaac Fayose Net Worth 2022, 2023 Forbes, Dollars

Isaac Fayose Net Worth: How much is Isaac Fayose net worth? Isaac Fayose net worth is about $12 Million US Dollars which is about ₦7,200,000,000 Billion in Naira as at 2022.
I’m A Self Made Billionaire – Isaac Fayose

Isaac Fayose, the younger brother of former governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, says he is a self made man.
He made a video on his Instagram page on Friday, where he boasted about his status.
He revealed that he has never gone to anyone’s office to beg for contract in his life. And he didn’t get any from his brother either.
Stating further, he said, he has never gotten any house from his brother as well. He challenged anyone who has ever given him a contract to come out and state when and where the contract was given.
He added that he loves his brother so much despite not being helped by him.
Isaac Fayose House, Cars, Mansion
Isaac Fayose owns houses his own in Nigeria. He lives in Ibadan, Lagos, and Abuja.
Isaac Fayose has fine cars.

Isaac Fayose Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: Isaac Fayose Mobile phone Number is not publicly available.
Isaac Fayose Instagram: Isaac Fayose Instagram Page Account Profile Handle is 


Isaac Fayose Facebook: Isaac Fayose Facebook name is Prince Isaac Fayose.