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Who Is Neo Kirchbaby?
Neo Keitumetse aka Neo Kirchbaby (born 14th June 1989) is a Botswana double amputee YouTuber, Vlogger, wife and mother of 4.
Neo Kirchbaby was born in Molepolole on 14 June 1989, with a congenital defect in her legs which led to her two legs being amputated at the age of 5 years old. Did made her to grow up without her 2 legs. She has been without her 2 legs for 28 years now as at 2022.

Neo Kirchbaby Picture
Neo Kirchbaby got married to her husband, Garrett Kirchway, an American Entrepreneur in the year 2016. Neo KirchBaby and her husband met when she travelled to the United States to visit a friend.

Neo Keitumetse Kirchbaby and her husband now have four (4) kids. Their first child turned out to be twins whose names are Caleb and Joshua Kirchway.

Neo Keitumetse Kirchbaby Profile Bio Wiki Data Summary
Name: Neo Kirchbaby
Real Name: Neo Keitumetse
Nationality: Botswana
Village: Molepolole
Ethnicity: Black, African
Religion: Christian
Height: 4ft (1.21m) 
Date Of Birth: 14th June 1989
Birthday: 14 June
Age: 33 years old (as at 2022)
Occupation, Career: YouTuber, Content Creator
Net Worth: $200,000 US Dollars
Siblings: 1
Brother: Moses
Relationship, Marital Status: Married
Husband: Garrett Kirchway
Children: 4
Children’s Names: Caleb Kirchway, Joshua Kirchway, Michael Kirchway
Education: Carleton University
Instagram: neokirchbaby
YouTube: Neo KirchBaby

Full Biography Of Neo KirchBaby (Keitumetse) & Husband, Garrett Kirchway

Neo Kirchbaby Educational Background
Neo Kirchbaby graduated from Carleton University in Canada.
She had won a scholarship while schooling in Botswana before moving to Canada for her university education.
Neo Kirchbaby Nationality: Where is Neo Kirchbaby from? Neo Kirchbaby is from Botswana, a country in Southern Africa.
Neo Kirchbaby Real Name: Neo Kirchbaby real name is Neo Keitumetse.

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Neo Kirchbaby Legs, Amputation
Neo Kirchbaby is an amputee Botswana woman who lost her legs at age 5. She was born with a birth defect in her legs. This got her 2 legs amputated at the young which made her grow and live without her two legs for 28 years now.
Using Prosthetic Legs While Pregnant By Neokirchbaby

Neo Kirchbaby Legs

In an Instagram post during her second pregnancy in October 2019, Neo Kirchbaby shared her experiences using prosthetic legs. She had posted a YouTube video about it and wrote:

So, I just finished editing a video explaining what to expect when you use prosthetic legs while pregnant. I am planning on using my social media to educate people that not having legs is NOT a curse and getting pregnant does not inhibit us in any way. It is crazy how some people even make comments like, “I hope this is your last pregnancy”, “Why did you become pregnant.” 
They don’t care that these words can actually be hurtful. I thank my God who showed me that he is the one that created me so I should not be ashamed. It you don’t follow me on YouTube, make sure you do so you don’t miss any video. I post weekly. 
#neokirchbaby #mommyblogger #momvlogger”
Neo Kirchbaby Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: How old is Neo Kirchbaby? Neo Kirchbaby is 33 years old now in 2022. Neo Kirchbaby was born on 14 June 1989 in Molepolole, Botswana.
Neo Kirchbaby Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Neo Kirchbaby was raised by a single mother. She grew up with her mother and elder brother called Moshe or Moses.

After doing menial jobs, including working in a Chinese restaurant, Neo Kirchbaby’s mother is now the owner of a real estate properties and livestock.
Neo Kirchbaby Siblings: Neo Kirchbaby has a sibling brother whose name is Moshe.

Picture of Neo Kirchbaby and Her brother

Neo Kirchbaby Married, Wedding: Neo Kirchbaby is married to Garrett Kirchway with 4 children.
Neo Kirchbaby wedding was done on 29th of October 2016 in a church.

Neo Kirchbaby Wedding Pictures

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Neo Kirchbaby Husband: Neo Kirchbaby husband is Garrett Kirchway. Her husband is an American Entrepreneur.
Neo Kirchbaby husband, Garrett Kirchway is 55 years old as at 2022.
Neo Kirchbaby met her husband, Garrett Kirchway in a church in America when she travelled on a visit to meet a friend she met online.

Neo Kirchbaby Husband Pictures

Writing about her lovely, tall and handsome white husband, Neo Kirchbaby wrote on her Instagram page:
When you find a husband that treats you right everyday, it’s such a blessing. I just want to appreciate my lovely husband today. His commitment to our family, his calm personality, his love. I love this man and I’m grateful to God for him.”
Neo Kirchbaby Hails Her Husband On Father’s Day
“Let me wish my lovely husband a happy Father’s Day. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have him as the father of my children. It can only be God that allowed this because the joy I feel in my heart is huge and I am forever thankful to my Lord Jesus. I love this man and my kids have an amazing role model to look up to. Happy Father’s Day ❤️ 


Garrett Kirchway on having a Fourth Child at age 55, his wife 33.

Neo Kirchbaby Children: How many children does Neo KirchBaby has? Neo Kirchbaby has four children with her husband, Garrett Kirchway. Their names are, Caleb, Joshua, Michael and the fourth child.

Photo of Neo Kirchbaby Children

Neo Kirchbaby Twins Sons, Names, Age, Pictures: Neo Kirchbaby is a mother of twin sons who are her first children.
The names of Neo Kirchbaby twin sons are Caleb and Joshua. They were born on 24th June 2017. They are 5 years old in 2022.

Neo Kirchbaby Twins Sons

Story Of The Day Caleb One of Neo Kirchbaby Twin Sons Walked – August 18, 2019
Today is such a memorable day for me. Oh! I am so thankful to God for this moment. My son Caleb finally started walking at 25 months. Yes, that’s how long it took. His brother walked at 23 months.

As you may already know, I have received tons of messages on my YouTube channel; some encouraging, some so negative making me wonder if my babies would ever walk. When Joshua started walking, I started seeing that indeed God knows when their milestones would be and my heart got settled. Some people even suggested that I go to the doctor to get them checked, but the mother instinct in me told me to wait just a little bit longer. 
Here we are today. My son is walking and now my worries are taken away. I hope our supporters will be happy with me on this day. I am beyond happy. I HAD TO SHARE THIS AT 12:30 am. So thankful to God. 
#momvlogger #neokirchbaby #youtuber #cutetwinboys”
Neo Kirchbaby Third Child, Name, Age, Photos: Neo Kirchbaby third child is Michael Kirchway. He was born on 7th of January 2020. He turns 3 years old in January 2023.
Sharing her pregnancy picture in. October 2019, Neo Kirchbaby wrote:

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My almost 27 weeks pregnant self. I may not have legs like other people, but God blessed me with a fruitful womb and I am so grateful for that. “
Neo Kirchbaby Fourth Baby
Neo Kirchbaby recently welcomed her fourth child in October 2022.
Neo Kirchbaby Net Worth
Neo Kirchbaby Net Worth is estimated at about $200,000 US Dollars as at 2022.

Neo Kirchbaby House, Cars: Neo Kirchbaby revealed that they are building their own house.
Neo Kirchbaby Instagram: Neo Kirchbaby Instagram page Account Profile Handle is bbbb.