Eddie Watson & Ruth Kadiri Ezerika Relationship, Married, Movies, Pictures

All About Eddie Watson And Ruth Kadiri Ezerika Relationship, Marriage, Wedding, Movies & Pictures

There have been insinuations that Nigerian Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri and Liberian Ghanaian actor, Eddie Watson are dating, in a relationship or married.

But is it true? Is Ruth Kadiri married to Eddie Watson? Is Eddie Watson married to Ruth Kadiri? The answer is Capital NO! Ruth Kadiri is not married to Eddie Watson and Eddie Watson is not married to Ruth Kadiri.

Is Eddie Watson Ruth Kadiri husband? No, Eddie Watson is not the Husband of Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri.

Marriage, Wedding Pictures Of Eddie Watson And Ruth Kadiri Ezerika: Ruth Kadiri and Eddie Watson got married in 2018 in the movie, “Big Brother”. Their marriage was not real but just a movie. However, many fans still think that Eddie Watson is married to Ruth Kadiri in real life.

Ruth Kadiri Ezerika And Eddie Watson Relationship: Eddie Watson and Ruth Kadiri are just good friends who have cordial relationship as colleagues in the Movie industry. They are not dating or in any romantic relationship.

Eddie Watson and Ruth Kadiri Movies: Ruth Kadiri and Eddie Watson have featured together in many Nollywood movies, either as Husband and Wife or as Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

Ruth Kadiri as a Nollywood movie producer often casts Eddie Watson in her movies.

Eddie Watson and Ruth Kadiri old and latest movies are, Out Of Love, Space, All Four, Love Me, Jack and Jill, Fejiro, Larry Gold, Taking Chances, Big Brother, etc.

Ruth Kadiri and Eddie Watson Spouses

Who Is Ruth Kadiri?

Ruth Kadiri is a beautiful Nigerian born Nollywood actress who is also a producer and an entrepreneur.

Who Is Ruth Kadiri Real Husband?

Ruth Kadiri Real Husband is named Mr Ezerika who is a Nigerian Businessman from Anambra State. Ruth Kadiri and her Igbo Husband currently have a daughter together, called Reign Ezerika.

Who Is Eddie Watson?

Eddie Watson is a Liberian born actor and model who often features in Ghanaian and Nigerian Nollywood movies.

Who Is Eddie Watson Real Wife?

Eddie Watson real wife is named Naomi Woode. Eddie Watson married his wife, Naomi Woode in 2013. Eddie Watson and Naomi Woode have a child together, a daughter named Emirror Cassia Watson.

Image of Eddie Watson and his real wife, Naomi Woode

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