Top 8 Nollywood Actresses Who Are Widows: Husbands Dead

Meet Top 8 Nigerian Actresses Who Are Widows – Whose Husbands Are Dead + How Their Husbands Died & Profile (Pictures) – TopCelebBio Exclusive Article

Some of these top Nollywood actresses have lost their husband to death. TopCelebBio takes a look at these Nigerian actresses whose husbands have died thus making them widows and the list includes,

1 Patience Ozokwor

2 Stella Damasus

3 Nnenna Nwabueze Okonta aka Merit 

4 Adaeze Chiegbu

5 Bimbo Oshin

6 Obiageli Molube

7 Liz Benson

8 Susan Patrick – Ojoi

Patience Ozokwor

The husband of Nollywood super star actress, Patience Ozokwo who is popularly known as Mama G, is dead.

Patience Ozokwor got married to her husband at the age of 19 after she was forced into an early marriage by her parents but her husband died in the year 2002.

Patience Ozokwor’s husband, Mr Ozokwor was a mechanical engineer, a civil servant in Enugu who was sick for over 15 years, he was in and out of coma before he later died in 2002.

Years after the death of her husband, Patience Ozokwor wanted to remarry but her children asked her not to remarry. This caused a family problem but she later listened to them.

Stella Damasus

One of the most beautiful Nollywood actresses of all time, Stella Damasus is the widow of Jaiye Aboderin.
Stella Damasus’ first husband, Mr Jaiye Aboderin slumped and died in 2004 after a lunch meeting and a basketball game in Lagos.

Stella Damasus and her late husband, Jaiye Aboderin (1971 – 2004) has two children – beautiful daughters who are all grown up now.

After the death of her husband, Stella Damasus tried marriage again by remarrying two times and they all failed. The soft-spoken gorgeous actress remarried to Emeka Nzeribe but the marriage which didn’t last crashed after just few months. She later got married to Daniel Ademinokan and the marriage also failed after a few years.

Nnenna Nwabueze Okonta aka Merit

The husband of Nnenna Okonta nee Nwabueze popularly known as Merit of ‘Living In Bondage’ fame, Chief Okonta died on
7 March 2016 after a protracted illness while they were preparing for their 22nd wedding anniversary expected to have held on 15 March 2016.

Nnenna Nwabueze’s rich husband, Chief Okonta was later buried on the 19 March 2016.
Nnenna Nwabueze aka Merit and her late husband had six (6) children.

Adaeze Chiegbu

Adaeze Chiegbu lost her husband, Mr Chiegbu, who died in the year 2008. The actress often remembers and celebrates her late husband on father’s day.

Adaeze Chiegbu’s late husband died during a trip which he went to and never returned in 2008.

Adaeze Chiegbu is a beautiful fast-rising Nollywood actress who hails from Ogbunike, Anambra State, Nigeria and who has featured in many Nigerian movies such as Fatal Mistake, Unkown, Indulgence, Love, The Devil You Know, Everything I Have, Heaven, Covert Intension, Baby Blues, Adissa, Ije Love, The Throne Of My Father, Ebere’s Ordeal, The Quest, My Reality, Bad Wife Material, among others.

Bimbo Oshin

Nollywood star actress, Bimbo Oshin’s husband Ola Ibironke aka Dudu Heritage died on 12 September 2021 and was buried on 15th October 2021.

Dudu Heritage whose real name was Ola Ibironke (6 December 1960 – 12 September 2021) was the late husband of Bimbo Oshin who was the captain of Ibadan Golf Club and a music promoter who slumped and died while playing golf.

Obiageli Molube

Obiageli Molube is a veteran Nigerian born Nollywood actress who is popular for her roles as Mama Nduka in ‘Checkmate’ and Peter’s Mother in the movie ‘Rattlesnake’.
Obiageli Molube is a widow whose husband died years ago. Obiageli Molube daughter recently died too.

Liz Benson

Liz Benson is a legendary Nigerian superstar actress known for movies such as Glamour Girls, True Confession, Scores To Settle, Witches, Yesterday, World Apart, Diamond Ring, among others.
Liz Benson first husband named Samuel Gabriel Etim died while she was in her 20s. She had 3 children – two daughters and a son for her late husband before his death.
Liz Benson was a widow for many years before she remarried in 2009 to a pastor, Bishop Great Ameye of Freedom Family Assembly.

Susan Patrick Ojoi

Nollywood star actress, Susan Patrick’s much older Policeman husband died in 2006. They had two kids together and she has not remarried since then.

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