Meet Southside Ruth Smart, Pictures, Instagram: Young Nigerian Comedian

About Ruth Smart aka Official SouthSide Ruth, Comedy: A Young Nigerian Motivational Speaker & Comedian, Preacher, Evangelist Who Met Annie Idibia

SouthSide Ruth whose real name is Ruth Smart is a young Nigerian born Comedian, Motivational Speaker, Content Creator and Preacher who uses comedy to share words of wisdom and moral lessons to motivate people.

Ruth Smart (Southside Ruth) became a bit popular after Annie Idibia, Nollywood actress, shared her video on her Instagram page with over 7.1 million followers.

Southside Ruth Smart is smart indeed, intelligent at such a young age. She is just about 10 – 11 years old yet has so much words of wisdom in her.

Southside Ruth Smart was born into a godly Christian home and is being raised by her godly parents.

SouthSide Ruth Smart often wears her school uniform and school bag to make her videos.

A List Of Southside Ruth Smart Videos Messages, Topics, Titles On Instagram And YouTube

1 A Message To All Those Saying “GOD” No Go Shame Us!

2 Why You Should Serve God Properly

3 Not Everybody Wants Money

4 What Goes Up Must Surely Come Down

5 Because I Don’t Have Money You Have Not Posted My Pictures

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6 Because I Don’t Have Money You Didn’t Reply My Message

7 Nigerian 61st Independence Day Celebration

8 Why A Lot Of People Are Still Poor

9 What Young Boys Say Vs What They Do!

10 When Money Makes A Nigerian Lady Feel Too Foreign!

11 When People Start Claiming Too Busy To You!

12 Loyalty Shouldn’t Result To Slavery!

13 Humans Post The Rich And Bill The Broke!

14 When Your Words Are Being Taken For Granted!

15 Wickedness Of Men!

16 Pretense Of Men | What Really Matters!

17 How Humans Limit Their Prosperity!

18 Women Leave Pride

19 Ignorance kills! | Trust No Man!

20 Cause Of Many Men’s Suffering When The Fail To Be Close To “GOD”

21 Man Fought With His Landlord & This Happened!

22 Deceptiveness Of Our Current Day Online Lifestyle!

23 Wisdom Doesn’t Know Anything!

24 When U Fail To Realise That Everyone Has Needs & “GOD” Is For All!

25 When The People Are Tired Of Your Motivational Speakings!

26 Who Needs Help Vs Who Help Is Given!

27 Where There is Less Action, Vision Dies!

28 What Celebrities Should Do

29 When Joke Wants To Turn Into Something Else!

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30 Tomorrow May Be Too Late!

31 The Original Destroyer Of Your Life!

32 Ladies, This Is Why The Number Of Suitors Go High!

33 How Social Media Destroyed Our Today’s World!

Southside Ruth Smart And Annie Idibia Story

Southside Ruth Smart who is a fan of Nollywood actress and wife of 2face Idibia, Annie Macaulay Idibia and reached out to her on Instagram via her DM. On 2nd of November 2021, Southside Ruth posted a picture of Annie Idibia in her car and begged the actress to please reply her messages on her Instagram DM.

Southside Ruth calls Annie Idibia ‘My Super Mom’.

Annie Idibia Reacts

Annie Idibia later reposted a video of Southside Ruth Smart talking about “If they think that you are Divorced…” and another video talking about “Mama was there when I had nothing, Mama will not eat until I eat, even you that your father bailed from the police custody a lot of time and you who your father borrowed money to send you to school, why do you all underrate father’s love?…”

Annie Idibia said that Southside Ruth Smart is really brilliant. She asked her to DM her number or her mother’s number.

Annie Idibia later got in touch with Southside Ruth and gave her ₦100,000 Naira and also followed her back on Instagram.

Southside Ruth Smart Thanks Annie Idibia

Thanking Annie Idibia, Ruth Smart said:

“I thank God for everything in my life,

Secondly I want to thank Solo for all his supports.

My greatest achievement this year is having Annie Idibia follow me on Instagram

She did not only follow me, she also posted my video.

As if that was not enough, she also gifted me N100k.

God will bless you Ma”.

Southside Ruth Instagram: Account Profile Handle official_southside_ruth

Southside Ruth YouTube: Account

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