20 Nollywood Actors & Actresses Who Had Challenges With Childbirth

Meet 20 Nigrian Celebrities Who Experienced Childlessness, Infertility, Pregnancy Complications, Miscarriages, Fibroids, Their Stories (Pictures) – TopCelebBio Exclusive Article

It is the prayer of every married man and woman, celebrity or not, to have children after marriage. While some get to experience motherhood and fatherhood within a year or two of marriage, some others have had to wait for years, some even decades to get a child.

Here are some Nigerian celebrities – Nollywood actors & actresses who have either experienced childlessness at one point in time or infertility and pregnancy problems. To God be the glory, most of them have overcome the challenges and shared their stories to encourage others who are experiencing similar issues in their marriages and to those who are still expecting miracle, may God grant them their heart desires.

TopCelebBio brings you a list of 20 Nigerian celebrities who have experienced fertility issues and their stories:

1 Nse Ikpe Etim

2 Browny Igboegwu

3 Ini Edo

4 Onny Michael

5 Princess (Comedian)

6 Toke Makinwa

7 Kenneth Okonkwo

8 Toyin Abraham

9 Chizzy Alichi

10 Chioma Chijioke Anosike

11 Funke Akindele

12 Gloria Anozie Young

13 Ngozi Nwosu

14 Uche Obi Osotule

15 Anita Joseph

16 Monalisa Chinda

17 Tricia Eseigbe

18 Chika Ike

19 Adesua Etomi

20 Nike Oshinowo

Nse Ikpe Etim (Womb Removed)

Nse Ikpe Etim is a talented 47-year-old Akwa Ibom State born Nigerian Nollywood actress who got married to Clifford Sule in 2013.

Nse Ikpe Etim doesn’t have a child for her husband, Clifford Sule.

Currently, Nse Ikpe Etim has no womb to bear a child.

In 2019, Nse Ikpe Etim revealed that she removed her womb to save her life because she has a medical condition called Adenomyosis.

Browny Igboegwu (Childlessness For 10 Years)

6″4 feet tall Nigerian born Nollywood actor, Browny Igboegwu and his wife, Becky Browny were childless for 10 years.

Browny Igboegwu and his wife welcomed their first child, a daughter named ‘Kosi’ Kosisochukwu Pearl Ugochalacha in 2020 after 10 years of marriage.

After welcoming his first child, Browny Igboegwu recalled the bitter experiences of being childless for a decade, how people advised him to marry another wife that would give him children that age is no longer on his wife, Becky Browny that at least he should find a girl and impregnate and all that. But Browny Igboegwu stood by his wife, Becky Browny and God later answered their prayers and blessed them with the fruit of the womb.

Browny Igboegwu’s wife, Becky Browny and their miracle baby, their daughter Kosisochukwu Pearl Ugochalacha live in Ontario, Canada.

Ini Edo (Miscarriages)

Beautiful Nollywood star actress, Ini Edo was married to Philip Ehiagwina for 6 years without a child.

Ini Edo used to have series of miscarriages while pregnant.

It was recently revealed that Ini Edo now has a a child, a daughter whom she welcomed through a surrogate mother.

While confirming that she actually has a surrogate baby – daughter, Ini Edo shared her miscarriage story.

Onny Michael (Wife’s Ectopic Pregnancy, Miscarriages)

Onny Michael is a Nigerian born Nollywood actor who is currently one of the most sought after.

Onny Michael and his wife, Ifemaranma Michaels got married in 2014 and had their first child, a daughter in 2015 but attempts to have another baby proved abortive till after 6 years. Onny Michael and his wife welcomed their second child – daughter, Kaima Michael in 2021 after 6 years of having their first daughter.

Onny Michael’s wife, Ifemaranma Michaels had miscarriages 3 times. She got pregnant the second time in 2016 after the birth of their first child in 2015, but it was discovered to be an Ectopic pregnancy and the doctors suggested surgery which left her with one fallopian tube after the surgery was done.

After that she took in again and again and lost the babies after 6 weeks.

To God be the glory, Onny Michael and his wife finally welcome their 2nd child in May 2021.

Princess Comedian (Ectopic Pregnancy)

40 + year old Comedienne Princess whose real name is Damilola Adekoya was married to Adeshola Jeremiah but the marriage crashed after just 2 weeks.

Damilola Adekoya aka Princess Comedian does not have her own biological child.

Comedian Princess was pregnant for her ex husband after they tried to patch things up but she had an Ectopic Pregnancy that nearly led to her death and changed her health status, making her take almost 15 tablets in a day, so she unfortunately lost her baby and has not had another child since then.

Toke Makinwa (Miscarriage)

Toke Makinwa got married to Maje Ayida in 2014 but the marriage crashed in 2017 without producing a child.

Toke Makinwa allegedly was pregnant but had a miscarriage.

Kenneth Okonkwo (Wife Had Multiple Fibroids)

‘Living In Bondage’ superstar Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo, although has a 21-year-old son with his first wife, Ogechi Ezekiel, it took him 9 years to welcome a child with his current, second wife.

Kenneth Okonkwo got married to Ifeoma Okonkwo in 2007 but they were Childless for nine years because his wife had multiple fibroids that were removed through surgery.

Kenneth Okonkwo and his wife, Ifeoma later welcomed their first child together in Maryland, USA on 6 May 2016.

Currently, Kenneth Okonkwo has two children – one son from his ex first wife Mercy Ogechi Ezekiel and another son from his second wife, Ifeoma Okonkwo.

Toyin Abraham

Toyin Abraham and her ex husband, Adeniyi Johnson were married for 3 years but the marriage suffered childlessness. The movie star later remarried to Kola Ajeyemi and they currently have a son together.

Chizzy Alichi

Tall and beautiful Nollywood star actress, Chizzy Alichi got married to her husband Chike Ugochukwu Mbah in December 2019 and they have been married for two years without a child.

Though Chizzy Alichi is childless for now, she has never revealed any reason for her being childless but we hope that she will soon give birth to her own kids.

Chizzy Alichi’s fans have been wondering if she has ever gotten pregnant, or if she had a miscarriage but hopefully, they will still soon welcome their baby by God’s grace.

Chioma Chijioke Anosike

Chioma Chijioke Anosike is a Nigerian born Nollywood actress who is married to top Nollywood movie producer and director, Kingsley Orji Anosike. They got married in December 2018.

Chioma Chijioke and her husband, Orji Kingsley Anosike don’t have a child yet after 3 years of marriage but we pray that they will soon have their baby and share their testimony.

Chioma Chijioke Anosike shared pictures of her backing a baby on her Instagram page and said that children are gift from the most high and not just that, their innocence and purity humbles her spirit. She said she loves kids and that motherhood suits her so well and that she will bear kings and queens when the time is right.

Funke Akindele (Miscarriages)

Funke Akindele is another top Nollywood actress and movie producer who had suffered childlessness, fertility problems. The ‘Jenifa’s Diary’ producer and actress didn’t have any child in her first marriage and also suffered miscarriage in her second marriage to Abdulrasheed Bello aka JJC Skillz.

In 2016, a Nigerian pastor, Olagorioye Faleyimu said that Funke Akindele won’t have a child of her own.

However, Funke Akindele and her husband, JJC Skillz welcome their twin children in 2018.

Unconfirmed reports said that Funke Akindele welcomed her twin babies through a surrogate mother, while others claim that she did IVF.

Gloria Anozie Young

Veteran Nigerian born Nollywood actress, Gloria Anozie Young suffered fertility issues but to God be the glory as she is a proud mother of a daughter.

Ngozi Nwosu

Veteran Nollywood actress, Ngozi Nwosu who was once married to a Yoruba man has no biological child of her own. The ‘Evil Passion’ & ‘Living In Bondage’ star actress is currently divorced, single and childless.

Uche Obi Osotule

Uche Mac-Auley who is formerly known as Uche Obi Osotule is a Nollywood star actress, writer and movie producer who once married to Obi Osotule, a Nigerian born movie producer and director but she was childless which was part of the reasons her marriage crashed. Her ex husband, Obi Osotule later remarried and welcomed children. Uche Obi Osotule also later remarried but it’s not clear if she has given birth.

Anita Joseph

Plus-sized Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph is a mother who had a child outside wedlock years ago.

But Anita Joseph has been married to her husband, Fisayo Micheal Olagunju aka MC Fish for almost two years now without a child.

Her fans, critics and womb watchers have always bothered her with pregnancy questions that she had to warn them to stop asking her why she and her husband, MC Fish have not welcomed a child.

Monalisa Chinda (Miscarriage)

Beautiful Nollywood star actress, Monalisa Chinda was married to Segun Dejo Richards and it took them about 4 years to welcome their only child, Tamar. Their marriage crashed after 5 years, shortly after welcoming their daughter.

Monalisa Chinda later got remarried to Victor Tonye Coker in 2016 and has been praying to God to have a second child.

Monalisa Chinda has been married to Mr Tony Coker for 5 years without a child.

Tricia Eseigbe (Childless For 10 Years)

‘Samadora’ star actress, Tricia Eseigbe got married to Mr Kerry in 2010 and it took them 10 years to welcome their first child in 2020 to the glory of the Lord.

Chika Ike (Miscarriage)

Chika Ike was married to Tony Ebireri and the marriage did not produce a child.

Chika Ike was actually pregnant while she was married but her husband allegedly made her lose the pregnancy through miscarriage and she divorced him and walked out of the marriage.

Adesua Etomi (Miscarriage)

Actress Adesua Etomi and Banky W experienced bitter loss of their twin babies. It took them a few years before they were able to have their own baby.

Adesua Etomi and Banky W even thought of adopting a child or going for surrogacy at some point but they later dismissed that idea and waited upon the lord.

Banky W and Adesua Etomi welcomed their first child in February 2021 after about 3 years of marriage.

Nike Oshinowo (Endometriosis)

Nike Oshinowo is an ex beauty queen (Former Miss Nigeria) who is a talk show host and an entrepreneur.

Nike Oshinowo was married to a much older Medical Doctor, Dr. Tunde Soleye but their marriage didn’t produce any child because the ex Miss Nigeria had a medical issue that prevents her from having her own baby.

Nike Oshinowo gave birth at age 48 through surrogacy after suffering from endometriosis which is a gynecological condition that causes infertility in women which she started noticing at age 13.

Nike Oshinowo opted for a surrogate mother and surrogate twins by welcoming her twin babies – a son and a daughter via surrogacy in America.

The names of Nike Oshinowo twins are Abayomi Oluwatobilola Akanni Oshinowo and Faramade Oyinkansola Aduke Oshinowo.

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