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Who Is Toyboxdollz, The Art Teacher?
Bio Wiki: Toyboxdollz aka The Art Teacher whose real name is Roxsana Diaz (born 1st April 1982) is a curvy New Jersey Teacher who went viral over her curvy body shape and dressing style.
Roxsana Diaz popularly known as Toybox Dollz is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US but she currently lives in Pennsauken, New Jersey where she works as a teacher.

Roxsana Diaz: Toyboxdollz Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts
Name: Toyboxdollz
Nickname: Toybox Dollz aka The Art Teacher

Real Name: Roxsana Diaz

Nationality: American

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Tribe, Race, Ethnicity: Hispanic

Date Of Birth: 1st April 1982

Birthday: 1st April

Age: 40 Years Old (as at 2022)

Height: 5″5

Weight: 150 lbs

Occupation, Profession: Teacher, Artist, Influencer, Entrepreneur, Model

Net Worth: 400,000 US Dollars

Parents: Mr and Mrs Diaz

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Length: Long

Hair Color: Brown

Tattoos: None

Bust: 34″

Waist: 26″

Hips: 43″

Cup: C

Dress: 9

Shoe: 7.5

Full Biography Of Roxsana Diaz: The Art Teacher aka Toyboxdollz, Career, Occupation

Toyboxdollz, The Art Teacher: Photo Credit Instagram


Biography: Who Is Roxsana Diaz?
Roxsana Diaz who is popularly known as Toyboxdollz Aka The Art Teacher describes herself as an artist & an influencer as well as a teacher. She is an American citizen, a teacher, TikToker, YouTuber, Social Media influencer, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok Celebrity who is famous for her curves.

Roxsana Diaz: Photo Credit Instagram

Toyboxdollz Real Name: What is the real name of Toybox Dollz aka The Art Teacher? The real name of Toyboxdollz (The Art Teacher) is Roxsana Diaz.
Toyboxdollz Nationality: Where is Toyboxdollz (The Art Teacher) from? The Art Teacher, Toyboxdollz (Roxsana Diaz) is an American. She is from Pennsauken, New Jersey.

Toyboxdollz Hometown: Roxsana Diaz aka Toyboxdollz The Art Teacher hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US.
Toyboxdollz Ethnicity: What is Toyboxdollz (Roxsana Diaz) ethnicity? Toyboxdollz is of Hispanic ethnicity.
Toyboxdollz Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: How old is Toyboxdollz? Roxsana Diaz Aka Toyboxdollz, The Art Teacher was born on 1st of April 1982. Toyboxdollz is 40 years old currently as at 2022.
Toyboxdollz Height: How tall is Toyboxdollz? Toyboxdollz, The Art Teacher is 5″5 feet tall.
Toyboxdollz Body Measurements, Stats: Roxsana Diaz Toyboxdollz body measurements are, Height 5″5, Weight 150 lbs, Bust 34″, Waist 26″, Hips 43″, Cup C, Dress 9, Shoe 7.5.
The size of her butt that has created problems to the craftsmanship educator is 43 inches.
Toyboxdollz Surgery: (Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos) – Did Toyboxdollz (Roxsana Diaz) do plastic surgery to enhance her curves? No, Toyboxdollz, The Art Teacher did not undergo any plastic or cosmetic surgery to enhance her body curves and figure. She is naturally curvy.

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Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Toyboxdollz is born into the family of Mr and Mrs Diaz from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US.
Toyboxdollz Marital Status, Married: Is Toyboxdollz, The Art Teacher married? No, Toyboxdollz is not yet married. She is single.
Toyboxdollz Husband: Toyboxdollz is not yet married. She has no husband yet.

Toyboxdollz Boyfriend, Relationship: Who is Toyboxdollz boyfriend? Toyboxdollz has not revealed who she is dating, who she is in a relationship with or who her boyfriend is.
Children: Toyboxdollz does not have a child yet.
Toyboxdollz Net Worth, Salary, Income
Toyboxdollz, The Art Teacher net worth is about $400,000 US Dollars. She makes money from her salary job as a teacher, as an artist and entrepreneur, as a YouTuber and as a brand influencer.
Roxsana Diaz Toyboxdollz Instagram: Toyboxdollz, The Art Teacher Instagram page Account Profile Handle is 



Toyboxdollz Facebook: Toyboxdollz Facebook page Account is Toyboxdollz

Toyboxdollz TikTok: Toyboxdollz Tiktok account name is The Art Teacher (@toyboxdollz)
Toyboxdollz Website:
Toyboxdollz Only Fan: Toyboxdollz is not on onlyfan. She has no only fan account.
Model Mayhem: Toyboxdollz is on Model Mayhem with the name Roxsana Diaz. She was last active on Model Mayhem on December 27, 2014. She was at age of 32 then, according to her Model Mayhem Profile.
Toyboxdollz YouTube: Toyboxdollz YouTube Channel name is Toybox Dollz.
Toybox Dollz Career As An Artist: Roxsana Diaz aka Toyboxdollz is an artist and entrepreneur who makes and sells artworks. No wonder she is employed to teach art in school.

Toyboxdollz The Teacher: Toyboxdollz is a beautiful, curvy and sexy teacher in New Jersey, United States of America. She enjoys teaching art.
My Work As A Teacher – Toyboxdollz
Incase you don’t know this in order to be a teacher you have to almost live two different lives. As a teacher you are personally responsible for the minds, emotions, and safety of other peoples most priced jewels. Their children! This means if I’m having a sad day, an off day, or even an angry day! You check those feelings at the door! The Teacher has to be able to handle daily blows, endless amount of mood swings, must work well under pressure, be able to multitask , juggle, entertain, be a psychiatrist, comedian, counselor, mind reader, safety patrol, and an endless abundance of other things! When we are here, we must live for the students. 
Check yourself at the door, and put on that teacher cape. We matter!” Toyboxdollz wrote on her Instagram page.

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Parents Call For The Sack Of The Art Teacher, Toyboxdollz

A New Jersey preschool teacher, Toyboxdollz aka The Art Teacher whose real name is Roxsana Diaz became a viral sensation when her photos began circulating on social media along with claims that parents were demanding she be fired. According to the claims, parents argued that her figure was distracting to students. 
Toyboxdollz, the Pennsauken teacher, said that her experience with parents has been the complete opposite. “The mothers from the county and community for the school that I work for are some of my biggest supporters,” she said during an Instagram Live on Thursday, August 25th 2022.
40-year-old Toyboxdollz – The Art Teacher, added that the “majority, not all, majority of the people that I see defending me on comments are women. Believe it or not, a lot of women got my back. I would say people are just hating.” She went on to admonish those who have left comments suggesting that her students, who range in age from 3 to 5 years old, would even be concerned with her body. “No kid is sitting in my classroom thinking that stuff. What are you talking about?” she asked.
Anything I Wear, I Get Bullied – Toyboxdollz Says, Fans React

“If in jeans I get bullied, in loose fitting clothing I get bullied, in button up I get bullied!? Huh??? How does one win in a society built on the attack of women big, small , curvy!? How?” – The Art Teacher, Toyboxdollz writes on her Facebook page.
Reactions From Fans
Clarissa E. Anaya:
F*ck everyone and their opinions. They don’t make you and won’t break you. Stay true to you. You’re beautiful and that’s what their problem is
Kandice Hurt Miller:
You’re beautiful! People are just jealous that they don’t have a body like yours. They are just being grown ass bullies
Bianca Kkb Johnson:
They mad cause they bodies probably sloppy and probably worried about their husbands, boyfriends and baby daddies are looking. Ignore the haters cause they gon keep hating. Looks like they’re more focused on you then their kids. If they don’t like it then look the other way

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Ashlee Macera:
This happened to me throughout my entire 20’s in the workplace- no matter what I WORE IT WAS INAPPROPRIATE. If you have a nice figure you’re not allowed to wear clothing that literally fits you- I didn’t even wear tight/revealing clothing but just clothes that fit! They want you to wear baggy/loose clothing I guess- it’s absolutely ridiculous BULLSHIT so I know how you feel love! Hang in there…..!
Caren Barsotti:
Do like I do and say it! I’m going to wear what I want, if you don’t like it, don’t look!
Shin Ahegao:
I just heard of you through a post made by Midwest music artist Joe Phoenix. Let me just say that I am supporting you. Thank you for helping out future generation! RESPECT
BEAUTY & BRAINS…. well make you a target in today’s world sadly.
Eddy Bolton:
UGH I DONT LIKE THIS AT ALL And if it is one thing I should say it’s THESE FEMALES ARE HATERS …they clearly got problems at there house hold …there bitter sour and flat out disgusting . You tryna teach and THERE IS A CLEAR PROBLEM coming from personal problem mothers … hatred that they can’t look like you 💯💯💯✅✅✅ KEEP WORKING AND DONT LET THEN TRICK YOU OUT OF GREATNESS!!
Neil T Naik:
They wrong for that. I just read an article. They trying to paint you out as a bad person based on genetics and looks? You’re probably a very good teacher but it’s sad that these “parents” want to paint it out as being inappropriate. That’s your business and your personal life, not theirs

DeMyus P Miller:
They mad cause you didn’t pay to get your body like that it was develop naturally
Michael Jnr:
first time i saw your pic i was like wtf,she did plastic surgery. Now i know you’re endowed naturally.Am playing ye ye ye by omah lay cus of this
Bobby Traynum:
Redirect your focus on the Lord if you have your focus on the Lord you wouldnt be worried about non of that stuff they’re saying.